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Our Values

Lambeth Academy

At Lambeth Academy we want to



‘be exceptional’


We want to do everything to the best of our ability and fulfil our potential.


Underpinning our mission to ‘be exceptional’ are our values. We strive to be:

united   ambitious   confident

enthusiastic   creative   empowering



Our Lambeth Academy ‘exceptional’ lesson

In our lessons we commit to trying to ‘be exceptional’.  We will all play our part in creating a positive learning environment.  This means that …

  • We will greet each other at the door with a smile!

  • We will be ready to learn at the very start of the lesson

  • We will use a seating plan and stay in our seats unless given permission to move

  • We will have all of our equipment out and ready – this includes our planners, pencil case and books. Everything else will be cleared from the desk

  • We will encourage each other and work together so that everyone can learn

  • We will try our hardest to achieve even those tasks we find difficult

  • We will work with enthusiasm

Our Values

Our values capture what makes Lambeth Academy so unique. They are really important to us and will help to make your time at Lambeth Academy, and afterwards, a success.

Why are our values important to us?

  • They help form who we are, what we’re about and what we represent;
  • They form our moral compass and guide how we behave;
  • They help us to make the best decisions, particularly in difficult situations; and
  • When thinking about what we want to do in the future, they help us to decide what we put first, why it’s first and, most importantly, how we’re going to go about achieving our goals.


  • Whatever we put our mind, or our hands to, we expect it to grow;
  • This isn’t about receiving the highest paying job – being ambitious is about being determined to be the best at whatever we commit ourselves to and having the expectation that it will succeed.


  • In order for us to go where we’ve never been before and achieve what we don’t at first think is possible, we have to think outside the box;
  • We believe that what we can create no one else can.


  • We are confident in our creativity.
  • The most successful people are confident in their individuality;
  • We are confident in who we are. Nobody can do a better me! Everyone else is already taken;
  • We recognise the best in everyone.


  • We are relentlessly enthusiastic;
  • Nobody should be more enthusiastic about my future than me


  • We need one another to grow;
  • We support and build rather than tear down.


  • The greatest test of a leader (and we are all leaders) is their legacy. What have you left behind? What will your school say about you? Who have you helped along the way? What contribution have you made to making Lambeth Academy a stronger place?
  • Our success should never intimidate but should always inspire

If we live by these values, we will be a success and we will ‘be exceptional’.

Parents Comments

"The school values that they are trying to impart to the students are very commendable and I would love for my child to be able to count as a person that has these wonderful values!"

"My friends have sons who have gone to the school and they only have good things to say about the achievement and academic performance of the school."

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