Admissions Arrangements

Lambeth Academy is an inclusive school and welcomes children from the local community. The Governors are also committed to ensuring that the admissions to the academy reflect the full range of ability.

Lambeth Academy admits up to 135 students to Year 7 each September. The admission arrangements described in this document below will apply to admissions in September 2022.

In order to ensure that the intake to the academy represents the full range of ability, we will use student banding as part of our admissions arrangements. All applicants will be asked to take a cognitive ability test and, based on their test score, will be placed in one of five equal ability bands, with the same number of applicants in each band. Other than to determine the ability band into which a student will be placed, the assessment of a student’s ability plays no other part in the admission arrangements for Lambeth Academy.

Admissions to Lambeth Academy will be coordinated through the Pan London Coordinated Admissions Scheme and its timetable. Applications should be submitted on the Common Application Form to the local authority responsible for the parental address. Families should also complete a Supplementary Information Form to be returned directly to the academy.

The admission of students with an Educational Health Care Plan is conducted through a separate process. Parents of these students should contact their home Local Authority’s SEND department.

We believe that strong parental or guardian involvement is essential for the success of every student and all parents, guardians and students will be invited to meet with staff at the school soon after a place is offered.

There are no faith criteria as part of the admissions policy. Children from families of all faiths, or none, are very welcome.

Over-subscription criteria

If there are more applicants than the number of places available the following over-subscription criteria will be applied. All applicants will be asked to take a cognitive ability test and, based on their test score, will be placed in one of five equal ability bands, with the same number of applicants in each band. After places have been allocated to children with an Education Health and Care Plan that names Lambeth Academy, places within each band will be allocated in the following order of priority:

  • Children in Public Care (Looked After Children)
  • Siblings of students currently attending the academy and who will continue to do so on the date of admission. The term “sibling” means a full, step, half, adopted or fostered brother or sister, but not cousins. The academy reserves the right to ask for proof of relationship.
  • Special medical needs, social needs and special needs (where the application is supported by written specific professional advice, e.g. from a doctor or specialist, not a primary school alone, as to why admission to Lambeth Academy is necessary.) The decision as to whether the academy is uniquely placed to meet the stated need of the applicant will be determined by a panel. The panel will give special consideration to children with a visual impairment.
  • Nearest straight-line distance to the academy.  The distance which determines how close the student lives is the shortest straight-line distance between the door to the student’s permanent address and the designated entrance to the academy main building.

A child’s permanent address is the place of normal residence during term time. Where parental responsibility is shared, the address of the parent/guardian who receives the Child Benefit Allowance for the child will be taken as the permanent address.

If places become vacant in a band, for example, because parents accept offers of places at other schools, and no applicants in those bands remain without a place, they will be evenly filled by children falling into the next nearest bands (i.e. the bands on either side, or below or above). If the first child is elected by proximity from the band above, the next will be selected by proximity from the band below.

Late applications will not be considered until after National Offer Day. Applicants will then be placed on the waiting list in a position determined by the application of our over-subscription criteria.

We will provide reasonable opportunities for children to take the cognitive ability test that is used to determine the ability band for each child, but with the exception of children with an Educational Health Care Plan that names Lambeth Academy, children who have sat the NFER test will be given priority over those who have not.

If, for any reason, an applicant has not sat the cognitive ability test, then they will be given a zero score and placed in the lowest band.

Operation of waiting lists

Subject to any provisions regarding waiting lists in the local authorities’ co-ordinated admission scheme, we will operate a waiting list for each band following National Offer Day in March. This will be maintained by the academy and it will be open to any parent to ask for his or her child’s name to be placed on the waiting list, following an unsuccessful application.

If you have not been offered a place for Secondary Transfer but wish to go on our waiting list, you may do so by contacting your relevant home borough with your request.  

The criteria shown in our Admissions Policy will be applied to all applications on the waiting list.

Children’s position on the banded waiting lists will be determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria set out above. Where places become vacant, they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.

Other points to note

Twins and same-year siblings - Where applications are received from twins, triplets or same-year siblings the following procedure will be followed. If one child is selected for a place within their band the twin/triplet/same year sibling will be ranked in their own band immediately below Looked After children.

Confirmation of Address - Proof of residence can be requested at any time throughout the Secondary Transfer application or the In Year Transfer process. If false or misleading information is used to gain entry to the academy, the offer of a place will be withdrawn and an appeal offered.

Secondary Transfer applications - How to apply

Applications must be made using the Common Application Form from your home local authority by the deadline of the year before your child starts school. A Supplementary Information Form must also be completed and returned directly to Lambeth Academy by their deadline.

National Offer Day

On National Offer Day (normally the 1st of March) your home borough will inform you of the outcome of your application and which school you have been allocated.

Lambeth Academy will also send out offer letters with a deadline for accepting or declining a place.

Those students who have been successfully offered and accepted a place with us at the academy will be invited to a Family Meeting. We will also hold an induction day for students to sample life at the Academy before they join us in September.

An information booklet to support your child's transition from primary to secondary school will be sent to you.  Confirmation of start date and tutor group allocation will be sent at the start of the summer holiday.

In Year Transfer Applications

In Year Transfer admissions will be managed by the local authority in line with the Admissions Code.  Applicants will be placed on a waiting list in accordance with our Admissions criteria as stated above.  Applications can be made directly to the academy by completing our In Year Transfer application form and returning this to the Academy.  Please contact the Admissions Officer for further details.


Further enquiries

Please contact our Admissions Officer, Miss Samantha Bradley on 0207 819 4718 or email samantha.bradley@lambeth-academy.org 

Admissions Documents

Admissions Policy 2020.pdf 159KB Admissions Policy
In Year Transfer Application Form_2021_2022.pdf 168KB In Year Transfer Application Form_2021_2022.pdf

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